Who are we?

Silent Scooters is the brainchild of brothers Derick and Pierre de Villiers.

For kids, nothing beats the thrill of riding their first motorbike. The feel of the wind in their hair and the open road ahead as they put their plastic bikes through their paces.

For parents and teachers, however, few noises can rival the racket these little bikes make as kids joyride around the house or school.

But thanks to Silent Scooter, an innovative new rubber wheel add-on for existing plastic bikes and a first in South Africa, this is all about to change.

Although not parents themselves, the two farmers from the Kroonstad area are constantly looking for ways to improve existing systems and technologies in the agricultural industry.

The challenge of finding a solution for noisy kids’ scooters was just too tempting to pass up, and so they set their creative minds to finding an appropriate resolution that would keep kids riding, and parents smiling.